How to order Tamales

Christmas Tamale Menu

variety of mollys with sauce

Corn Husk Tamales (Vegan) $5 pair: $25 dozen:$30 dozen with sauce

Spinach and Corn Tamales  Spinach Masa, Corn Filling :Serve with Tomatillo

Chipotle Black Bean Tamales Chayote Chipotle Masa, Spicy Black Bean Filling:  Serve with Chili

Sweet Potato Tamales Orange onion Masa, Sweet Potato and Butternut Filling: Served with chili


Corn Husk Tamales (Meat) $6 Pair $30 a dozen with sauce

Chicken Savory Masa, Local Chicken and Scratch Mole Filling:        Served with Mole

Green Chile Pork Tomatillo Masa, Carnita Filling:                                     served with tomatillo

Banana Leaf Tamales $7 each with sauce

lamb tamale
Banana Leaf Tamale, Lamb with chimmichurri

Vegan Picadillo Tamales Mild Chile Masa, Meaty Spanish Filling: Serve with Chili

Lamb Tamale  Moroccan flavors, Local Lamb: served with  Chimmichurri

Thai -Molly (vegan) Asian inspired tamale lemongrass, mushrooms and bok choy: served with green curry

Soups $7 a pint (two cups) all soups are vegan

Butternut Squash Bisque velvety and buttery but vegan

Chipotle Texas Chili spicy and bean free (also vegan, great for making nachos)

Pozole  Vegan Spicy Mexican Stew, Traditional with Hominy, Radish, Vegetables in a spicy red broth.


Ordering instructions:

(Please read)

You can mix and match dozens but please order in multiples of two.

The ordering deadline is the 15th of December and all tamales will be delivered or picked up on the 17th (I will work with you if this doesn’t work).

Everything will be frozen.

Don’t forget your telephone number please.

E-mail me at to order.

Who are you? Name

Where are you?  Number and Address

What can I get you? Type of Tamale and Amount

When do you want em? Thanksgiving or Christmas

How do we do this? Drop off or Delivery


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